Concept to Completion (C2C)
Single Point of Contact for entire project life cycle
for Real Estate Projects

Who We Are

With an extensive portfolio of successful projects, AASMA Ventures brings a fresh perspective and unmatched expertise in construction development and management. Focused on Built-to-Suit (BTS) projects in the Bengaluru real estate market, AASMA provides its services for residential, commercial, industrial and logistics projects.

AASMA provides Single Point of Contact for entire project life cycle – Concept to Completion (C2C) for Real Estate Projects through



Transparency in business processes offered through effective communication, collaborative tools, proactive approach, and audits by third-party consultants.



Unmatched quality is ensured through fair pricing and regular audits by third-party agencies. Pre-agreed project budget is determined as per the third party QS review / certification.



Optimal performance guaranteed by maintaining optimal standards in tools and processes. Automation, technology, and training is effectively employed for the best results.



Pricing determined by attention to detail in schedule, budget, and project planning. Bonuses and penalties applicable when below or above budget, respectively, if reasons attributable to us.

Why We Are Different

Our USP is to serve as a single point of contact throughout the lifecycle of a project – from concept to completion.
We take pride in delivering high-quality performance with transparency in operations and favorable pricing.
Our excellent relationships with strategic partners and specialized expertise prove to be resourceful in conducting business on an expedited basis.


Construction Project Development
Planning, designing, and constructing spaces based on desired specifications
Development Manager
End-to-end project solutions for landowners and builders
Built-to-Suit (BTS)
Develop Commercial and industrial and logistics
facilities based on requirement analysis.


Our Solution Partners